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Welcome to Interstate Products Fuel Storage Solutions.

This site is dedicated to fuel containment which is a part of our business.

With the price of fuel these days and the need for fuel storage in various locations Interstate Products Inc has been providing fuel storage pillow tanks and fuel bladders and secondary spill containment berms and many other products for EPA compliance purposes.

Users in the field find great use for our fuel storage berms, fuel storage tanks, containment sumps, Fire rated buildings, fuel spill kits along with our safety cabinets, drum storage units and more.

Call us at 1-800-474-7294 for more information at anytime.

Our International call in number is 941-377-8610.

Our fuel storage products include:

• Fuel Storage Berms
• Fuel Pillow Tanks
• Containment Sumps

• Fire Rated Buildings
• Safety Cabinets & Lockers
• Gas Cans & Fuel Caddys

Fuel Bladders

Fuel Bladders

Fuel Oil Containment Sump

Oil Containment Sump

Fuel Spill Berm

Spill Berm

Safety Gas Cans

Safety Gas Cans

Our clients include:


Governments Institutions


Relief Organizations


Industrial Factories

Boat Owners


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